Under One Roof is partnered with the environmental charity Changeworks. It was launched with RIAS assistance as part of Scottish Government’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016.

Who is this site for?

This site is for owners all types of common property and their advisers.

Owners of:

  • traditional stone tenements
  • newly built apartment blocks
  • ex local authority tenements and four-in-a-blocks
  • converted houses


  • Property managers in all sectors
  • Architects and surveyors
  • Community Organisations
  • Advice Workers

Advisers: please read our copyright section before copying any material.

How to use this site

The information provided on this website is designed to help you understand your rights and responsibilities and to understand what professionals tell you.  

The technical information on repairs is designed to help you spot problems with your building and then understand quotations from builders so you can get the best job carried out at the best price.

But every building and every group of owners is unique and so are their problems.  And problems seldom come singly. So the information on this site can only act as general guidance. It is not "advice" or a recommended course of action which can only be given in the light of full knowledge of your particular situation or building. When it comes to action,  you should always seek professional help with anything more than a simple problem - it will generally pay in the long run.

Legal disclaimer

Contact us

If you have any comments to make on the site and its content, please get in touch via the email link below.  We would really like to hear about your successes and failures and will use your stories to improve the site.  If you need individual advice about your own situation, please get professional help or contact a free advice service.

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Annie Flint BSc Housing consultant and researcher; co-author of  the “Tenement Handbook”, “Common Repair Common Sense” and many other guides for owners, community organisations and professionals.

John Gilbert BSc MSc RIAS DUniv Conservation architect . John has 40 years experience of repairing, improving and maintaining tenements and a variety of housing types.

We are grateful to many people for providing and checking information including

  • Members of the Steering Group
  • Jim Bauld of TC Young Solicitors
  • Gordon Douglas of Hacking and Patterson
  • Scott McDonald of Traditional Roofing and Building
  • Ben Adam of David Narro Associates
  • Alistair Petrie of Punch Consulting
  • Pat Hoey, West Dunbartonshire Council, Public Health and Pollution Team
  • Daniel Bourke (additional  technical research)

Steering Committee

The site is governed by a steering committee whose members include funders, technical experts and user representatives. It is chaired by Tony Cain, our representative from the Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers. The committee currently meets twice a year and receives quarterly reports in between. Its role includes editorial policy, financial control and assisting the project keep up to date with policy development.

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Under One Roof Scotland partnered with Changeworks, one of Scotland’s largest environmental charities in November 2017. Changeworks’ role is to ensure we are accountable to the highest possible standards and have excellent financial governance.  As an environmental charity, they know that maintaining our existing housing stock not only provides additional comfort and energy saving for owners but also saves much CO2 from entering the atmosphere by prolonging the useful life of the building.

Under One Roof is grateful to the Royal Incorporation of Architects for launching the website as part of Scottish Government’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016.

 Who are our sponsors?

Our sponsors come from across private and public sources and the range of our funding allows us to remain impartial and independent whilst understanding the restrictions on all the parties involved in the repairing process.

  • The Glasgow Factoring Commission, chaired by Jean Charsley, which highlighted the need for better advice to owners and led Glasgow City Council to offering generous support and encouragement to other local authorities to come on board
  • Jim Hayton and his successor Tony Cain at ALACHO (the Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers) who enthusiastically co-ordinated the fund-raising with local authorities across Scotland
  • Neil Watt at Hacking and Paterson for his early financial and moral support
  • Roger Curtis at Historic Environment Scotland who again offered early financial and moral support

Full list of sponsors