Steering Committee

The Committee meets approximately quarterly. All the members give their time for free.


We are very grateful to the following and their organisations for the time they give to making this project successful:

Tony Cain  Chair Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers

Liz Partington  Changeworks

Jackie Reilly  Partick Housing Association

David Stewart  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

Frank Plowright Glasgow Factoring Commission

Liz Dickson  Scotland’s Housing Network

Roger Curtis  Historic Scotland

Alasdair Balfour   Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors

Alison McDiarmid Property Managers Association Scotland

Jocelyn Cunliffe  RIAS (Conservation Committee)

Tessa Clark  Changeworks

Past Members

Iain Connelly Past President RIAS

Neil Baxter RIAS

Eleanor McAllister  RIAS

Louise Glendinning  Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors


• ensuring the site remains independent and impartial

• helping authors remain up to date on developments in their sector

• ensuring the various user groups’ needs are met

• controlling income and expenditure

• ensuring the website design and ‘navigation’ meets users’ needs

• keeping all partners and supporters informed