Meeting presentations

If you are holding meeting of owners, you may find it useful to download some of these presentations to show to owners via your laptop, tablet or computer.

If you wish to print these presentations as handouts, be sure to click "Multiple" on the Paper Size and Handling section of the Print Menu page - you could use a lot of paper otherwise!

Under One Roof Poster

Print off this poster and put it near your building's front door - it will tell people about Under One Roof Scotland and give them a chance to check out their responsibilities before attending a meeting.


Six ways to keep your flat's value

Covers "Know your neighbours", "Know your responsibilities", "Maintain your gutters", "Get your building surveyed every 5 years", "Get professional help", "Save for Repairs"


Your repair and maintenance responsibilities 

Covers "Flat owner’s responsibilities", "How to find out what you are responsible for.", "When to use the Tenements Act", "Additional rules from the Tenements Act", "What is “maintenance”?", "Common, Mutual and Individual Repairs"


Making decisions about managing and maintaining your flat

Covers "What rules apply to your flats?", "Voting", "How many votes do you need", "Who can vote?", "Common, mutual and individual repairs"


Getting the best from your property factor

Covers "Do we need a factor?", "Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011", "Working with your factor", "Complaining", "Finding a new factor" "Self-factoring"


Working with your co-owners

Covers "Know your co-owners and their circumstances", "Communicate with your co-owners", "Deal fairly with your co-owners", "Work with your factor if you have one", "Work with owners who can’t /won’t pay", "Set up an Owner’s Association" 


Dealing with reluctant owners

Covers "Know your neighbours", "Follow proper procedures", "Difficult conversations", "Help from your Council", "Emergency repairs", "Duty to maintain", "Recovering debts"


Financing Repairs

Covers  "Saving for repairs", "Getting loans", "Are there still grants?", "Other financial help", "Keeping accounts"


Typical repair problems in stone buildings

Photographs of repair defects commonly found in older stone buildings


Typical repair problems in newer buildings

Photographs of repair defects commonly found in brick, timber kit and other new buildings